Affiliate request

Here are some details of the program and we suggest that you read these carefully.

1 - You will earn 15% of sales generated through your affiliate link, starting from the first transaction.

2 - Affiliates must earn a minimum affiliate account balance of 20€ or more to be eligible for payment. Balance less than 20€   will remain pending for payment until the full 20€ minimum balance has been earned. If the affiliate require get pay and the amounts due if less than 20 € then the affiliate will agree to be deducted the 3% with a minimum 3.00 € for administrative costs

3- You need to have a PayPal account. This is the only method of payment for the affiliate program. We recommend that you create an account if you haven’t got one. It is free and safe.

4 - We have an automated system that tracks all clicks and referrers. You will be given an access the system to see your affiliate stats.

5 - We provide banners and you can use them if you like. These banners help us brand and position our products. We have them in different sizes and we hope they all suit your liking.

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